年1月23日 CalcuSyn is a software tool whose main purpose is to aid individuals in analyzing mixed drug treatments, a more and more used practice in. combination-index data generated by CalcuSyn software analyses .. and antagonism, respectively (Source: CalcuSyn manual, Biosoft, ). Manual and Software, Biosoft, Cambridge, U.K., Chou, T.-C. and Hayball , M. CalcuSyn for Windows, Multiple-drug dose-effect analyzer and manual.

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Note that in the two drug combination, the CI is the sum of three terms with the third term being the product of the first two terms.

Then click the Next button. Production of other copies is not permitted. Step 4 – Highlight the dose data in the grid as shown and click the Select menu option. Depending on the endpoint of the measurement, it calcusny also be represented by LD50 or TD50 if lethality or toxicity is measured. You can get this from the Help About menu option.

Calcjsyn the Program 49 y-int: Run the installation program, called setup. An r value equal to 1 indicates perfect conformity. The entire report will be exported. Highlighted paper with an editorial.

You can import a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20 sets of data from a single text file.

The range of effect values can be set in the Reporting Options dialog see later. BiophysDate: For more than two drugs, exclusivity is much more complex, as expected.


Analysis of drug interactions.

Data can be entered via the keyboard or file import either cacusyn the grid or directly into the analysis engine.

This is the dose and effect data for the combined drug. The pitfalls of synergy interpretation are described in Ref.

Multi-drug combinations greater than 2 follow a similar equation but cannot be performed for the mutually non-exclusive case. In a simple system such as xalcusyn or receptor, it is analogous to competitive inhibition between two inhibitors not between inhibitor and the primary ligand such as substrate.

Step 5 – Select the Dose and Effect data for the mixture and then click Finish. Single drug – Housefly toxicity of pyrethins. Reports The report will include CI values with a mean and standard deviation. Using the Program 47 Data points entered: Accuracy of Measurement and Conformity to the Mass-action Law The linear correlation coefficient, r, of the median-effect plot should be reasonably good.

The following r values are usually obtained: Here, we describe how combinations can be designed in vitro and how to analyze them using Calcusyn or Compusyn.

Biosoft: Software for Science

The symbols used in the graphs are as follows: Topotecan Data points entered: The simplicity of the general equations makes for versatility in their applications. Instead, potentiation augmentation, enhancement or inhibition suppression can be determined. Quantitation of ED50, LD50, synergism, antagonism low-dose risk, receptor-ligand binding and enzyme kinetics.

Any text or numbers appearing before this are ignored. A Derived Unified Theory: Drug Import Example Data Below is an example formatted in the correct way.


The primary aim is a mutual enhancement of the therapeutic effects, while other benefits may include decreased side effects and the delay or prevention of drug resistance.

Computer Software

Dose-effect analysis with microcomputers: Step 5 – Enter the first datapoint by selecting New. Two drug combinations, if used, should be correspond to three drug ratios so that D1: M, mM or IU can be combined and the results analyzed as usual. CalcuSyn was reviewed maual Madalina Boboc. You will be presented with a standard file save dialog box. Step 4 – Select the drugs that form the combination from the list. Examples of the wizard pages: Quantitative dose-effect analysis and algorithms: Sometimes, more than one calcusyj is made e.

Command Line Import Manal are two different types of command-line import, both require a text file. Estimates of accuracy of EDx and CI can be calculated with Monte Carlo simulations or by a highly accurate algebraic estimation algorithm. It can make multiple calculations using the Median Effect methods. Therefore, two drugs with different units e.

A comprehensive manual is supplied as.

The data can be either tab-separated text. Click to load comments.