: Demon in My View (Den of Shadows) (): Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: Books. Though nobody at her high school knows it, Jessica is a published author. Her vampire novel, Tiger, Tiger, has just come out under the pen name Ash Night. Demon in My View is a vampire novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and published on May 9, Originally titled Bitter Life, it was published when the.

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I wonder what’s next for them? Unnerved by demoj human girl’s inexplicable knowledge of the vampire world and fearing exposure, Aubrey himself volunteers to find the girl and stop her before she can publish any more secrets the vampires don’t want exposed.

It soon becomes obvious to the reader that Alex a. I wanted more and I got more! This is clearly a lesson Atwater-Rhodes never learned.

: Demon in My View (Den of Shadows) (): Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: Books

When Jessica meets a boy named Alex who she wrote about in one of her books, her life starts to change. Teen People said the book was “a good Gothic chiller,” [ citation needed qmelia while Boston Atwtaer-rhodes said it was “elaborately imagined,” [ citation needed ] whilst the New Yorker said, “Amelia has an uncanny understanding of the kind of narrative that makes for a successful potboiler: She lived her life the way she wanted to.

There are a few poems in the book that were fun and interesting to read and attempt to comprehend, which makes me smile.

A quick read that has potential to develop into an interesting series. Write a customer review. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Rejecting Caryn and remaining warily intrigued by Alex, Jessica becomes more and more confused as Alex displays many mannerisms of the vampire from her dreams, and is shocked at the revelation that Alex knows that she is in fact Ash Night following a confrontation with Caryn at a bookstore.


Mar 30, Lacee Pilgrim rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: So what happens when Jessica learns that her dreams might not be dreams? Nail-bitingly suspenseful, here is the deliciously eerie follow-up to In the Forests of the Nightby the remarkable fifteen-year-old novelist Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Left with more questions than answers, Jessica’s fragile grip on the world is completely knocked out when Caryn comes forward and reveals herself in a bid to save Jessica from Aubrey’s intentions.

The night is full of mystery. Demon in My View. I also read this book in high school right after her first one. Jessica is considered a freak at school – and that’s without anyone knowing that she writes best-selling vampire novels. Den of Shadows 9 books.

Demon in My View – Wikipedia

Demon in My View continues the world established in In the Forests of the Nightbeginning some months after Risika’s climactic final fight against Aubrey.

I liked the elaborate world that was built here, but I did think it got a tad confusing at times. She’s moody and dark, your atypical gothic vampire lover but, later in the book it shows why she is the way she is and the reason is a nice twist on the story that I didn’t immediately figure out.

Shaken by the truth of her existence and disgusted by a confrontation with the extremely abrasive infamous vampire-hunting witch Dominique Vida, Jessica takes her life in her hands and travels to New Mayhem to find Aubrey, trying to make sense of her life and her emotions. Sure, go for it. I think it’s better then many authors her age could have done she’s even better then some older authors I’ve read too!


Demon in My View Book Review

Things complicate further, however, when Caryn Rashida is in fact Caryn Smoke, a powerful witch of the Smoke line who is trying to protect Jessica atwaetr-rhodes reprisals for her writings. After Jessica is attacked by Fala, another vampire, Aubrey changes Jessica into a vampire. They are good at doing battle with banter.

I do not think I would read this This book is not something I would recommend. I wrote bad fanfic at the age of fifteen, too, but at least I had the courtesy not to inflict it on other people. Atwater-rhodes wrote this when she was a teenager, and it doesn’t show. Dec 03, Amanda Harford rated it it was amazing Shelves: At atwater-rhofes a young age, making money already, AND getting the bonus of being able to stay anonymous.

The story is a mystery, the puzzle coming together piece by piece as the story progresses, so your mind is continuously flitting around the information to try and figure it out before the author wants you to which is at the end. Yes, the first book in the den of shadow series was short pages yet it lacked my interest. The book proper starts with the main character — Jessica — waking up in a scene that is perfectly familiar to every teenager.

Her green eyes, black hair, pale skin, and vampiric traces in her aura were all from him and Jazlyn could not look at her.