I documents stored in a database and am using Docx4j to convert them to PDF (doc -> docx -> pdf). It would be helpful to have the. I need to convert a doc file to pdf. I tried using POI to convert it first then using Docx4J to convert to pdf, but I got the error at the line. This page provides Java code examples for 4j. of DOCPROPERTY fields FieldUpdater updater = new FieldUpdater(pkg); (true);.

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If you want format your table make it prettiersee Formatting Properties immediately above. Javadoc Javadoc for browsing online or download, can be found in the directory http: See Javadoc for other signatures. To process the w: TblFactory provides an easy way to create a simple table. Odc BinaryPartAbstractImage class contains methods to allow you to create both embedded and linked images along with appropriate relationships.

You can find a very readable introduction in doxc4j edition Part 3 Primer at http: Please see the docx4j forum at http: The most up to date copy of this document is in English.

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See also the docx4j sample ContentControlBindingExtensions. It would be possible to change things so that docx4j generates FO, for use by your preferred FO dof, whether that’s FOP, or a commercial tool such as XEP; a contribution which does this would be welcome.


A similar approach works for pptx files: If you are intend to copy an unwrapped object into your document rather than just read ityou’ll probably want the object to remain wrapped Dkc usually wraps them for a reason; without the wrapper, you might find you need an XmlRootElement annotation in order to be able to marshall ie save your document.

If you need to be explicit about the type, you can use: This should be avoided, unless your dox is to improve the fidelity of the output in which case, please contribute a patch! There is also http: For this, docx4j uses ImageMagick.

As a developer, you 3 options: This gives you freedom to do pretty much anything you like with it. As an open source project, docx4j has been substantially improved by a number of contributions see the README or POM file for contributorsdocs4j further contributions are always welcome.

JDK versions You need to be using Java 1. Nor is it for RTF files.

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Text object in the form you expect. ImageJpegPart] docx4j includes convenience methods to make it easy to access commonly used parts.


This programming task is complicated by the need to keep other parts of the eoc in sync with the data stored in paragraphs. If you must use 1. For example, a paragraph can contain a reference to a comment in the comments part, and if there is a problem with this reference, the document is invalid. Office supports 4 transitional, and also has read only support for strict.

For example, XmlUtils contains: You can run it from a command line: This makes it really easy to get going with docx4j. The FontMapper interface is used to do this.

docx4j | Angelo’s Blog

If the document has a header, then the main document part woud have a header child part, and this would be described in the main document part’s relationships part. This approach supersedes Word’s legacy mail merge fields. There is also a list of all parts, in vocx4j package object: TraversalUtil has an doocx4j Callback, which you use to specify how you want to traverse the nodes, and what you want to do to them.