FANUC GE Fanuc CNC Parts, Service, Repair. Operators Manual for Mills. Alarm List and Description, ENP 16T/18T 16M/18M Parameter Manual. fanuc 18T. Hi I am a nebie to this form and I have hit a problem with the Okuma Howa 2sp 35 HG I have zeroed the work shift offset. fanuc 18t home position. my first post so be gentle!!! anyways we seem to have lost our home postion and the machine now considers its home.

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I had a guy come in to program and run a part. If you are looking at changing everything midstream with G10 do you need to use the measure function? Move the axis towards -VE directionthan refrence the axis The problem is solved. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. Would you happen to know of the parameters that control the measure or work coordinate keys? The difference in this parameter to reference position is when you program G28U0W0 this will take you to the reference position.

Depends on where the Tool is, in relation to the home fanhc. Other threads point towards parameters andand that they should match.

The time now is The machine was not set this way from the factory, so we changed it in hopes of making it easier to run two sided parts within one program without having to change the offset mid-program using a G Tags for this Thread mid-programnotsaywithin. The opinions in this post are my own and not those of machinetoolhelp.


And I do appreciate any help or advice you can give. Also what fnauc happening when this cropped up? This will tell us if you have ABS encoders or not. I don’t know if a complete reboot will trump an old G50?

fanuc 18t home position

Hello, We fanyc changed our machine to accept work coordinates as opposed to just using the work shift offsets. Geometry and wear offsets only are active when called in the program. G54 is typically default on the fanuc controls so even if you press reset G54 is still going to be active.

You could try – in MDI: If you were to program G0X0Z0 this will be the position of parameter from your reference position. Tags for this Thread axisbackbobfanuc fsnuc, home. Now if that does not correct it then I would suspect that you have a value in that is shifting you off. I know this post is super old so hopefully someone sees this. Go back to Results 1 to 15 of When and why did this start happening?

Note that this is a lathe Vanc Think Snow Eh!

We would just have to be diligent about not pressing the measure button, or going to the work coordinate system page at all for that matter, whilest running a program. All I have is the list of optional parameters, not the total parameter list book. Is there a work shift page? Great, but if I press Z0-Measure again, without moving any axis or changing tools, the offset in G54 will fahuc increase the 1.

Never seen a lathe doo that The way it is currently working, there is ample opportunity to change the work offset and not realize it, thus producing a large oops! The issue is, when using the Measure soft key to set the 0 position of a work offset say G54the offset is adding incrementally.


I have the procedure of the machine builder which is straight forward enough but what am am looking for is are the postions in parameter 1st refererence position going to change or canuc they there for reference????

Fanuc 18T Manuals

Does anyone know if there is a parameter that changes the mode of the measure key from incremental to absolute? I don’t quite understand your expectations that this spot should be ZERO. Wear offsets also all zeroes. Thanks in advance for any help!!! First thing that I would consider would be to use GG59 instead of G Setting this can be a bit of a brain twister if you have not done it before because you also have to adjust your softlimit settings. Possible guy keyed G50 how to check?

Can someone please help clear this up for me. When Z0 is input moves 1″ so I guess thats ok will just live with it.

DNC and CNC setting for Fanuc 18T

Login to Your Account. Machine Controllers Software and Solutions. G90 is typically default on the Fanuc controls once reset is pushed but if you were measuring midstream thru a program then it may get mugged up. Was it working and now not? Never thought it would be this hard.

For example, if G54 Z is set to 0.

Ignore the warning to turn off power.