The Space Merchants [Frederik Pohl, C. M. Kornbluth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a vastly overpopulated near-future world. Unheralded yet fitting perfectly amongst these novels, C.M. Kornbluth and Frederik Pohl’s The Space Merchants is a dystopian novel that. In , Pohl and Kornbluth (–) published this wry tale of a future run by The Space Merchants. Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth.

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The Space Merchants – Wikipedia

I’m surprised at people saying it feels outdated; I’m with the people who feel it still seems surprisingly relevant for something written in the s. I read recently that Jules Verne kept abreast of all the latest scientific journals just to up his odds on getting something right.

And they “predicted” manned spaced flight, but who couldn’t see that coming? I recently re-read it and found it still to be very worthwhile.

Are you one of those people who miss Madmen desperately? April 10, at 6: As history, it is interesting; as a viable current reading experience it falls flat. The Space Merchants 1. But things are much worse in the future than they we Are you one of those people who miss Madmen desperately? I must keep a look out for more Pohl and Kornbluth. The Space Merchants was first published in No one goes outside without nasal plugs, but most people have to because all they can afford to live on the steps in office buildings.

It has now sold over 10 million copies in 25 languages and is considered a science fiction classic. In this very circumscribed setting, Pohl’s lack of interest in attention to detail in world building doesn’t matter so much, and the sense of being trapped in a limited and deathly dull existence works well.


Kornbluth and Frederik Pohl.

My recollection thw the other is a little dim, but I remember liking it. And yes, one certainly feels that he knows what he’s talking about when reading this. Only the characters perceive the problems in a quite different, very American way: Mitch goes to a resort in Antarctica, only to become lost outside in a blizzard. Frededik became a Nebula Grand Master in If we were to travel to other galaxies and meet up with aliens, they would be nothing like ourselves or else they would zipping around the galaxies as well.

Charles, you had it absolutely right. View all 4 comments. Interesting insights into potential futures with advertising.

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I’ll be giving it a listen tonight, but I am not sure how close to the book a sixties CBS radio play can be, especially spce the damning pohp of America’s consumer culture, and its ambiguously depressing ending. All books by Frederik Pohl. Occupy Wall St before its time?

Advertising has become hugely aggressive and by far the best-paid profession. Earth is severely overpopulated, polluted and short on resources, including clean water. I don’t know what I had expected, probably a space opera, but this sci fi book wasn’t that.

Nine Classic Novels of the sedited by Gary K. Read more Read less. The Stars My Destination. The following year, he began drafting a science fiction novel, loosely themed on advertising, under the name of Fall Campaignand had reached twenty thousand words by the summer, working at weekends and in the evenings.

That said, there are moments in Pohl and Kornbluth’s The Space Merchants frederjk well-heeled advertising executives take off for a round of golf or a game of tennis and appear to be playing something very much like a Wii machine. Still relevant today, “The Space Merchants” deserves to be read more. July Classic Novel nominations.


Now who would you put in charge of a world like this, a world where the most important thing is to make people who have every reason to be miserable s;ace they aren’t miserable frederjk all? Add to that concerns about the artificial nature of modern life — people drinking something called ‘Coffiest’ — a harmless but addictive coffee-like substitute, and bemoaning how difficult to obtain and expensive real meat is when compared with the vat-grown alternative. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

I couldn’t believe how fresh it felt, even sixty years after it was sspace published, it’s still so pertinent, so topical. Introduction According to Frederik Pohl, one of the most significant literary collaborations in the history of the science fiction field got its start due to deadline pressure.

A short while later he returned, having incorporated some plot suggestions made by Philip Klass and written a new twenty-thousand word middle section; the two men collaborated on the final third, and after Pohl gave it a final revision, the novel was complete.

Merchanst a hellhole, and nobody who knew anything about it wo An alternate cover edition can be found here.

Suggestions for a novice, please. Four Classic Novelsedited by Gary K. It’s a very quick read, and one worth reading not so much for characters or relationships, but for the way the idea plays out.