HARDINGE BROTHERS, INC. ELMIRA check the part description to make certain the assembly and/or individual part applies to your machine. .. Bed. 2. Screw. 2. Washer. Front Screw. Lock Washer. 6. 14 D V. 0 0 1 0 2 1 4. D V B 0 0 0 9 7 7 6. 0 5 5 0 3 0 5. N 3 7 0 0 0 0 7 3 6. 5 p. 0 0 0 6 4 3. HARDINGE DV59 DSM59 Lathe Part Manual DV DSM [Misc.] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Number of Pages: 15 This is a. DV59 Precision Lathe and DSM This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Hardinge DV59 Precision Lathe and DSM59 Second Operation.

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I will open it up to measure the available space for mounting ball screw and nuts. It has the head stock that clamps to the bed not bolts to.

From everything I read the only draw back to servos is that they can cost more then steppers. Thanks, RRossey Similar Threads: Again the shims and spacers are to be provided to eliminate back-lash.

Vertical Mill, Lathe Project Log > CNC’ing a Hardinge 2nd OP DV Lathe – Page 3

Why settle for anything less? The tool changer is a manual turret off of an old Logan 9″ lathe that I have. The spindle head will be raised by providing a spacer above the bed. I built dg-59 small lathe using a precision x-y table and stepper motors that I use every day. Results 25 to 36 of The turret indexes nicly through all 6 positions.

When you turn the second nut and block toward the solidly mounted nut, it will contact the red mounting block. A few details first: Loosen motor plate as far as it will go Belt tensioner 5. The torque of motors will be decided depending on the condition of table.

I stare into the headstock and for the life of me I am missing something, I see no setscrews or spanner to loosen the spindle pulley.


Hardinge Dv59 Dsm59 Lathe Part Manual Dv-59 Dsm-59 0334

Alternately depending on the dimensions of the longitudinal table, holes can be drilled and reamed in the side of the table so that the tool mounting arrangement is similar to the Hardinge turret tool mounting system. Another hardunge can be to provide both the angular contact bearings on one side in a thicker housing, that is the motor mounting side, eliminate the back-lash and mount a plain roller ball bearing on the other side.

When you get things going be sure and post some pictures, perhaps even start your own thread of your conversion would be a good idea so this one does not get all confusing to follow for others that are interested in doing the same thing. Intermediate shaft slides side to side. This is the same effect as having two nuts on a piece of threaded rod. KTP, On my end it was put to sleep for a bit and about to be woke back up.

My manuals are not photocopies. The spindle axis mabual at 4.

hardinbe I propose to complete this project in two phases Phase I I will keep the head and spindle of the DV 59 lathe as it is, driven by 1 HP induction motor. A member gave a good suggestion to start a new thread, so here is the first posting. Remove back motor panel 4.

HARDINGE DV59 DSM59 Lathe Part Manual DV DSM – $ | PicClick

Could I get a copy of your model? I do have the carriage blocks drawn up and tool paths for when they get machined. Nixa, MissouriShips to: When it came time time get the belts off this I was scratching my butt for a while before I remembered the shaft pulling out of the bearing. The table is to be mounted on the lathe bed and fixed to the bed so that the cross slide – 7. Stepper motors will be mounted on hardine axis of the table, directly coupled to hardnige ball screws if space permits, or else through timing belt and pulleys.


I invite your comments and suggestions on this project and specifically would like to know: But is the original paint, not repainted or touch up. I was creating the tool-paths today to drill and tap for the mounting of the THK rails and the bed to the lathe body, I was also very surprised how inconsistent the manua, was on the 18 holes that originally secured the V-Way.

Thanks Neatman, I might trade or buy that collet closer from you. My idea of what I will be using for the carriage is drawn up along with the bed, if any one wants a copy let me know the format and email address and I will send it to you.

HARDINGE Models DV59, DSM59, DSM59-R, VBS & VBS-R Parts Manual

We sold our DV59 lathe and no longer need this. Thanks Ken for the suggestion to start a new thread.

A few details first: The ball screw is mounted in the two end plates in two angular contact ball bearings The existing Hardinge cross slide can be moved and fixed on the bed of lathe. Click here to see other work I do, and pictures of my jardinge. All features work as they should. Check out my other manuals. This is what mine looks like The bed of this lathe is having a longitudinal slot in the middle of the manjal and chamfers through out the length.

Reverse to put together Jim. A real pile of parts works great.