Milling at its best: Hermle machines are often at the forefront when it comes to Versatile use, uncompromising results – simply Hermle. .. Manufactured on demand for customer order. Hermle machines are made to order and fully optioned to suit the needs of our customers. The following. I’ve been working at C20 (5 axes with HH) for a year. I haven’t had such a calm year at any other machine (machines from Hermle, Chiron.

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Hermle C20 Series CNC Vertical 5 axis Machining Centre | Applied Machinery

Workpiece superfinishing is part of the various methods involved in fine machining and superfinishing work, and is always used when other manufacturing methods e.

Hermle’s Hermoe and C30 machines have allowed us to fully satisfy the growing requirements of our clients in regard to performance, output, and process reliability.


Moreover, EROWA ‘s plate-changing system has made it possible to dramatically reduce downtimes due to necessary feeding work and therefore ensure a higher output level. Our four Hermle CNC milling machines allow us to comfortably carry out the projects that we receive each day.

The INDEX C automatic lathe allows us to react quickly to the increasingly shorter timeframes between the moment in herlme an order is placed and the time when it must be delivered. Thanks to full workpiece machining, high machine accuracy, quick traverse motion, and acceleration, we have made this a reality.

There are a total of nine independent, programmable axes available.

The combination of two different tool systems linear carriage and turret results in important manufacturing advantages. Techniques such as simultaneous turning, simultaneous boring, and simultaneous cross boring and cross milling make it possible to reduce production time, and the costs associated with it, dramatically.

Two of the three machines are equipped with a Breuning bar loader for small-scale production purposes.


This bar loader ensures that material is fed in a trouble-free manner. These machines, however, are not limited to this purpose when it comes to excellent performance and can be quickly and smoothly retooled for new workpieces and characteristics.

Image is still in progress Hermle CNC milling machine C Hermle Hrmle milling machine C Hermle C U. Hermle U T. The INDEX C is used to manufacture workpieces that would require several work steps and manufacturing stages with conventional machining.

Workpiece clamping with collets and jaw chucks.

VDI 30 tool holder.